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marty's guide to social media

just delete it... barring that, here's what to do:


latest tweets

first off, make sure to always use "latest tweets" mode. click on the stars, then "see latest tweets instead"
screenshot of latest tweets option

quote tweets

do not quote tweet bad takes to dunk on them. take a screenshot if you must.


use twidere x if you've got an android phone, if you use twitter on mobile at all

mute list

here's a list of things to mute which allegedly help filter out algorithmic trash from your feed (one per line). i'm not sure if it works, i rely more on the ublock filters further down
screenshot of muted words page

ublock origin filters

hide twitter's in-feed "who to follow" section (find people to follow through your mutuals, not through the algorithm)

hide like and re-tweet counts (fuck clout-points)

hide follower/following counts (fuck clout-points part 2)

hide "#explore" button ("engagement" rabbit hole which should be blocked)

hide trends and who-to-follow in the sidebar

misc. comments after "!" explain what they do


it's cool. no algorithm. it has options to hide like/share counts in its settings if you're into hiding clout-points.


fuck facebook